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Pizzeria Tingel Tangel

Alongside pizzas with more classic toppings, you’ll also find other more particular pairings that can satisfy the most demanding palates, all always under the banner of lightness, freshness and the high quality of the raw materials that characterize our cuisine.

Special Pizzas

Even a simple pizza can become a gastronomic experience at Tingel Tangel.

In fact, in our pizza restaurant in Poggibonsi, you can find both, more traditional and the more unconventional offer. It is guaranteed that they are always made with fresh ingredients selected daily by our suppliers, in order to always grant you the best quality.

Pizza del Tingel Tangel a Poggibonsi
Pizza rossa con zucchine | Tingel Tangel


Quality and genuineness: this is the leitmotiv in the choice of all our ingredients, Italian and regional products i PDO and PGI.

Whenever possible, we choose small local businesses that produce everything in an artisanal way, preserving taste and tradition.


Of course we also love to follow the seasonality of the ingredients and this reflects our offer.

In fact, our special pizzas are created to enhance the characteristic flavors of each season.


Our pizzas are light and tasty because we pay close attention to the preparation of the dough.

And since we know that variety is the spice of life, we have a wide selection of beers to pair with any type of pizza.

Come to visit us!

You can find us in the historic center of Poggibonsi, in via della Repubblica 119: we are open every day except Tuesdays, for dinner only, while on Saturdays and Sundays you can also find us for lunch: book your table!

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